Rachael Sophia Tobener spent her formative years watching the Muppets and begging her mother to let her move to Sesame Street. Although she was never adopted by a nice Muppet family, she made do by devoting her career to creating playful and enriching content for kids.

After teaching Kindergarten in the Bay Area, Rachael was hired by LeapFrog as part of its early design team working on the LeapPad library. Over the next four years, Rachael produced more than 18 interactive LeapPad books and 25 toys, became a founding member of the Advanced Concepts Group leading Research and Development for new products, and was promoted to Senior Content Designer for the Toy Group.

In 2004, Rachael took a tiny toy break to travel around the world and returned a year later ready to launch her own consulting company. Since 2005, Rachael has developed content for a wide range of clients, including Disney, YouTube, Crayola, SmartyAnts, FingerPrint Play, LeapFrog and Discovery Kids. Her work includes screenplays, mobile apps, book series, web games and more than 60 toys.

When Rachael isn’t thinking up perfectly ridiculous ideas for the next project, she can be found playing hard with her two kids, dancing or making faces in the mirror.

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Rachael Tobener Bio
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Rachael Tobener Bio