Youtube YouTube Kids App CR

YoutubeKids AppCreative Consultant

Leapfrog Video Numbers Ahoy CR

LeapFrogNumbers AhoyScreenwriter

Fingerprint Play Critter Cruise CR SM

FingerPrint PlayCritter CruiseWriter, Interactive Designer

Leapfrog Toys Pop And Play Piano CR

LeapfrogPop and Play PianoSongwriter

Crayola Scribble And Sing CR

CrayolaScribble and SingProducer, Songwriter, Interactive Designer

Smarty Ants Reading World CR

Smarty AntsReading WorldWriter, 70 decodable eBooks

Leapfrog LeapPad Finding Nemo CR SM

LeapfrogFinding NemoInteractive & Curriculum Designer

The Fuzees I'm Me CR

The FuzeesI’m MeCurriculum Designer, Story Editor

Fingerprint Play Toonix CR SM

FingerPrint PlayToonixInteractive & Curriculum Designer

Leapfrog Video Sing And Learn With Us CR

LeapFrogSing and Learn
with Us
Screenwriter, Character Designer

Fingerprint Play Scribble My Story CR SM

FingerPrint PlayScribble My StoryStory Writer, Interactive Designer

Leapfrog Toys Spin And Sing Alphabet Zoo CR

LeapfrogSpin and Sing Alphabet ZooSongwriter, Interactive Designer

Fingerprint Play Whole Wide World CR SM

FingerPrint PlayWhole Wide WorldWriter, Interactive Designer

LeapFrog Toys Algorithmics CR SM

LeapfrogAlgorithmicsCharacter Designer

Leapfrog Toys Leapster 1st Grade CR SM

LeapfrogLeapster 1st GradeInteractive Designer

Fingerprint Play Classify It CR

FingerPrint PlayClassify It!Interactive Designer

Crayola Tadoodles Play PeekaBoo CR SM

CrayolaTadoodles Play PeekabooWriter

Leapfrog Toys Learn Around Playground CR

LeapfrogLearn Around PlaygroundSongwriter, Interactive Designer

Disney Baby Einstein World Of Colors CR

DisneyBaby EinsteinPuppet Show Writer

Fingerprint Play Get Rocky CR SM

FingerPrint PlayGet RockyWriter, Curriculum Designer

Leapfrog Toys Fly Pen CR

LeapfrogFly PenR&D, Interactive Designer


LeapfrogLeapster KindergartenInteractive Designer

Fingerprint Play Scribble My Veggietales Story CR SM

FingerPrint PlayScribble My VeggieTales StoryWriter

Leapfrog LeapPad A Fisherman's Tale CR SM

LeapfrogA Fisherman’s TaleWriter, Interactive Designer

Leapfrog Video Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park CR

LeapFrogAmazing Alphabet Amusement ParkScreenwriter

Fingerprint Play Panda Panda No More Mess CR SM

FingerPrint PlayPanda Panda: No More Mess! Interactive Designer

Leapfrog Toys Learn & Groove Musical Table CR

LeapFrogLearn and Groove Musical TableSongwriter

Leapfrog LeapPad Tutters Tiny Trip CR SM

LeapfrogTutter’s Tiny TripProducer, Interactive Designer

Leapfrog Video Math Adventure To The Moon CR

LeapFrogMath Adventure to the MoonScreenwriter

Leapfrog Video Letter Factory CR

LeapfrogLetter FactoryCreative Consultant

Leapfrog Video Lets Go To School CR

LeapFrogLet’s Go to SchoolScreenwriter

Leapfrog Toys BabyBaby Counting Pal CR

LeapfrogBaby Counting PalSongwriter, Interactive Designer

Leapfrog Toys Touch Magic Rockin Guitar CR

LeapfrogTouch Magic Rockin’ GuitarSongwriter

Leapfrog Toys Leapster CR

LeapfrogLeapsterR&D, Content Designer

Leapfrog Toys Groovey Beats Train CR

LeapFrogLeapFrog Groovey Beats TrainInteractive Designer, Songwriter

Leapfrog LeapPad LeapPad Learning System CR

LeapfrogLeapPadWriter, Producer, Interactive Designer

Leapfrog Toys Fridge Farm CR

LeapfrogFridge FarmSongwriter, Interactive Designer

Leapfrog LeapPad Two Princess Tales CR

LeapfrogTwo Princess TalesInteractive & Curriculum Designer

Leapfrog Leappad Little Touch CR SM

LeapfrogLittle Touch LeapPad R&D, Content Designer

Crayola Tadoodles CR

CrayolaTadoodles LineLine Name, Backstory

Leapfrog LeapPad Lets Get Busy Baby CR

LeapfrogLet’s Get Busy, BabySongwriter, interactive Designer

Leapfrog LeapPad If I Were CR

LeapfrogIf I WereWriter

Leapfrog LeapPad Get Ready To Read Series CR

LeapfrogGet Ready to Read SeriesProducer, Writer

Leapfrog LeapPad 3rd Grade Science CR

Leapfrog3rd Grade ScienceWriter, Producer, Interactive Designer

Mighty Play Pooh's Birthday Surprise CR

Mighty PlayPooh’s Birthday Surprise Interactive Designer

Fingerprint Play The Flying Alphabetinis CR

FingerPrint PlayThe Flying AlphabetinisCurriculum Designer

Fingerprint Play Happy Dragon CR

FingerPrint PlayHappy DragonWriter, Interactive Designer

The Fuzees Talk It Out CR

The FuzeesTalk It OutCurriculum Designer, Story Editor

Disney Einstein Pals Characters CR

DisneyEinstein Pals DVD SeriesHead Writer

BossaNova Robotics Penbo CR

Bossa Nova RoboticsPenbo & FriendsBackstory & Character Development

Disney Baby Einstein   Baby McDonald CR

DisneyBaby EinsteinPuppet Show Writer

Mighty Play Toy Story Showtime! CR

Mighty PlayToy Story Showtime!Interactive Designer

Smarty Ants 2nd Grade CR

Smarty Ants2nd GradeWriter, Interactive Designer, Voice Talent

Crayola Tadoodles Drop And See CR

CrayolaTadoodles Drop & SeeCopywriter

Leapfro LeapPad Stella Songbird CR

LeapfrogStella SongbirdWriter

Discovery Kids Talking Microscope CR

Discovery KidsSpark Activity KitsParent Guide and Activity Card Writer

Mighty Play Bambi's Forest Friends CR

Mighty PlayBambi’s Forest Friends Interactive Designer